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Trustees, Austin Bailey Foundation

Austin Bailey Foundation, ABF, was founded by Keith Bailey and the Rev Don Lewis, vicar of Swansea in 1984. Keith’s experience as a Japanese prisoner of war 1941-1945 gave him a profound sense of his own good fortune in surviving what so many colleagues did not. This was reinforced by his subsequent success in business in Swansea and led to the foundation of ABF. His desire was to do something to improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged in the Swansea area through local charities and the church. The prayer of the Foundation is 'Lord, Who expects much of those to whom much is given' and this summarises the ethic of both Keith Bailey and the present chairman, Clive Bailey, in driving ABF forward.

ABF has remained faithful to its founding vision in supporting local community action with a focus on lasting impact, through the involvement of those who are most in need. In addition to working in the Swansea area, a quarter of ABF's unrestricted resources are devoted to the developing world.


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