Crown Commercial Services Supplier, RM6290 Executive and Non Executive Recruitment Services Lot 1 and Lot 3

Green – Ben Glover


We set out not to become the largest firm, but to pride ourselves in quality, committed to a holistic and human approach that separates us out in our industry.  We help our clients, candidates and partners navigate change, hire the best people, and shape the future.

Our work spans many sectors and types of role, from Chief Executive, and other Executive Director level roles across all functional areas, to non-executive Chairs and Board Members.  We are as comfortable finding leaders who will deliver strategy and policy, as well as much as more operational roles. We have successfully placed candidates in more or less all areas of the United Kingdom, from Aberdeen to Plymouth and from Bangor to Ipswich. Supporting the development of the regions is a key theme in our work.

We place great emphasis on our approach to client and candidate care: we commit to being responsive, honest and warm in our interactions with anyone who engages with the firm. We set high standards for ourselves and are confident that we come close to realising them without fail. A core purpose for us is to do our bit to reduce inequality in the workplace, change the composition of top teams over time, and to push for better representation of candidates coming from typically under-represented backgrounds. Since we started, more than 50% of our appointment candidates have identified as female, and more than 15% as coming from global majority (some prefer the term BAME) backgrounds.

The range of roles we have worked on in recent times includes:

You will find we take pride in our agility. We flex what we do and our approach to meet your needs, often adapting our resourcing and process to ensure the best outcome. We do not oversell candidates but present a rounded view of them, recognising that the most complete picture will help you make the best decision.

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