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We have made diversity an absolute priority. Since we started, we have worked on over 200 appointments, and nearly exactly 50 per cent of the successful candidates have been women. This is roughly two-thirds higher than the performance of many of our competitors, or the targets of the 30 per cent club. 


We achieve this through making sure that we are disciplined at all stages of the process – monitoring gender balance throughout all of our research and candidate identification.   We are finding that rigorous positive action makes a massive difference.




We find the picture more complex with Black and Minority Ethnic Representation.   Although nearly ten per cent of all our appointments since we started have been from minority backgrounds, we are keen to do a lot more to play our part in ensuring a level playing field.    We have recently launched a programme, Aspire, to focus resources through providing career mentoring to a cohort of mid-career minority ethnic professionals each year, and we are also producing short videos telling narrative and celebrating success of minority ethnic professionals.   For us it is significantly about changing perceptions – in ourselves, our clients and candidates.


We realise that diversity also includes a range of other elements and we are keen to engage with those as well although, as a small company, we are forced to focus our resources where we feel we can make the biggest impact.  


If you would like to find out more about our work in this area, please contact us at

Aspire Programme


Read more about the Aspire initiative in our PDF pamphlet below:





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