A core purpose for us is to do our bit to reduce inequality in the workplace, change the composition of top teams over time, and to push for better representation of candidates coming from typically under-represented backgrounds.


Tree Oil Sketch – Hannah Ballyglass

Minerva and Diversity

We see selection bias in recruitment processes; we see organisations unconsciously or consciously failing to adapt cultures and processes to be more inclusive; we see challenges in individual confidence and imposter syndrome; and we see anxiety about tokenism.

BUT on a more positive note, we equally see a clear recognition that things have to change and a genuine commitment to strive for greater representation at all levels.

It is very easy to talk, undertake research, produce reports and provide statistics that tell us what we already know. Our focus has always been on developing practical initiatives that are grounded in what we know about and that seek to make a real difference.

Diversity programmes

Here you can find details about our Aspire programme, and our new Board Prospects Initiative that seeks to develop the long-term pool of candidates from under-represented backgrounds who have experience of contributing as a non-executive.


Our programme to support development for mid-career professionals from global majority backgrounds

Board Prospects

Developing a pipeline of candidates from under-represented backgrounds for board appointments