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Executive Search


We undertake searches at both Executive and Non-Executive level, across all of our sectors. 


Our primary commitment is to provide you with the strongest possible shortlist, and we are confident of our ability to provide a quality in the candidate field which is unequalled in our industry. This is achieved through rigour at all stages – ensuring that the job and person specification are accurate and appropriate, engaging in deep and exhaustive research, and assessing candidates with care and thoroughness.


We are also experienced in handling the advertisement and selection aspects of a campaign, from drafting copy, to placing the advertisement for a maximum impact, to handling candidates. We set high standards for responsiveness and will ensure that you as client are presented with outstanding professionalism.


We can also undertake more targeted campaigns when clients do not need a full end-to-end search.


For more information, please contact one of our consultants Kerry Shepherd or Ben Tucker, or email