Download the Report by clicking here: Governance – Relationships, risk and innovation in the board room

At Minerva, we have a huge interest in supporting governance effectiveness and leadership development for our clients. Over the last six months we have been interviewing Senior Executives, Chairs and Trustees across a range of social impact organisations to explore ideas about the current state of governance and how it could develop. We included our findings in a brief report, where we explore the major themes that emerged from our conversations;

  • ¬†Effective relationships within boards and between non-executives and executives as a significant aspect of board efficacy; very often they are more impactful than the quality of compliance or processes;
  • Achieving a balance between the amount of its energy a board spends on reviewing opportunity versus assessing risk;
  • Recognising the potential for boards to either foster or stifle innovation through undertaking what they believe to be responsible levels of oversight.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to speak with us and helped to inform this report.