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Our commitment to diversity



Diversity is at the heart of what we do.   We are one of the only firms of our type with a gender balance in the composition of founding partners, and over half of our overall team come from outside of the UK.  


We have also committed to publishing our performance in diversity at regular intervals. 


As of June 2017, and at nearly four years in business, we have advised on some 167 appointments.  


In terms of gender balance, 71 of these appointments have been of women (around 43%), which is well above normal ratios for senior leadership.   On average our longlists have been 32% female, and shortlists 41%.     This contrasts with responses to advertisements we place on behalf of our clients, where only 21% of total applicants have been female.     This highlights for us the positive contribution made by thoughtful headhunting, and suggests that, in general, women candidates have a higher chance of progressing positively in processes than they might presuppose.    We have found positive action – especially ensuring that our headhunting targets a balanced target candidate population – is producing better and better outcomes and, since Jan 2017, 58 per cent of our appointees have been female. 


In terms of ethnicity, our longlists have included on average 20 per cent black and minority ethnic candidates.   At shortlist stage this has gone down to 9.1%, and this has resulted in a total of 8% of our appointments coming from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.    This concerns us, particularly in a context where we note that around 30% of all advertisement respondents are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.   Over the coming months, we will invest in initiatives aimed at supporting career development opportunities for people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. 


We are conscious that diversity encompasses a broad set of factors – gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality as well as wider aspects of background and perspective.   If anything, we think there is a danger in putting all of these together in one box as if they are all the same – whereas each aspect of diversity is distinct and different from others.    Our focus has been on gender balance and maximising representation of people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, but we recognise that there are broader aspects.