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The Minerva Residency 2021



Van Gogh House and Minerva are pleased to announce the residents for the first edition of the Minerva Residency: Roy Claire Potter and Lilian Nejatpour.


The Minerva Residency is an opportunity for two creative practitioners, an artist and a writer, to spend the month of August living and developing their practice in Van Gogh House, in line with our mission of supporting artists within their lifetimes.


Residencies at the house provide the opportunity for artists to sleep in Vincent or his sister Anna’s former bedrooms and work in the garden studio or reading salon. Artists are encouraged to respond to the wide ranging themes that intersect the house, from Vincent’s time here, to questions around identity, heritage, materiality and urbanism. 


The Minerva Residents are chosen from a shortlist of nominations made by academic staff on arts and writing courses in the UK. By process of nomination from the university network The Minerva Residency strives to support practicing artists and writers who are teaching, graduating and researching within it.