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Directors of Operations, University of Kent

The process for appointing Directors of Operations will take place between August and October 2019.   Here we provide an outline of the overall process, what we will ask for from you, and what you can expect from us.   As well as making strong appointments to the roles of Director of Operations our objective is to provide all participants with an output that will be of some value in helping you develop your own career at the University.   Throughout the process a first point of contact for us will be, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries at any time. 


The process will have four stages:


  • A submission in the form of CV and response to the following question:


The appointees to these new leadership roles will be pivotal in the delivery of our strategic plan to 2025.  Please outline in a supporting document of no more than three sides your vision for the development of divisional professional services in supporting our key strategic areas:

- Education and the Student Experience;

- Research and innovation;

- Engagement, impact and civic mission.


Please send your application to by no later than 11:59, Sunday 1 September 2019. 


When submitting the application please let us know whether you have any particular preference for specific Divisions. 


  • Upon receipt of your application, we will invite you to undertake a psychometric test.   This is conducted through our partner – Advanced People Strategies - and is online only, taking around 45 minutes.   Hogan is a test that has been successfully employed for over 25 years, and in the UK has a sample cohort of nearly 65000 participants.   Nearly 40% of the benchmark cohort is female, and a higher proportion are from BAME backgrounds than offered by most other tests.   Over 80% of the cohort is aged between 30 and 60.   It is peer-reviewed in the UK, most recently receiving a strong positive endorsement from the British Psychology Society in 2018.  Psychometric tests will need to be completed by noon, Friday 6 September.


  • Third, during September, our team will be visiting the University regularly and we will be meeting candidates on a one-to-one basis to conduct a competency based interview and a work sample exercise, which will be in the form of a brief case study that will be supplied to you a short while in advance.    This will take up to two hours of your time, and we can offer several possible dates: 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 16, 18 September 2019.


  • Finally, after a shortlisting meeting in early October in which the appointment committee will select candidates to go forward, there will be final panel interviews.   From this, a group of appointable candidates will be selected to take on the roles.  


Following the recruitment process, successful candidates will be placed in a ‘pool’ awaiting final selection by the new Director of Division appointments. At this stage, Heads of Administration and School Administration Managers who have successfully applied will be given first priority in selection.  


What you can expect from us


Our objective is that the process be as developmental as possible for all those who participate in it.   You can expect us to be responsive in acknowledging your communications with us and confirming receipt of your applications.   We will respond to queries as fast as we can. 


At the end of the process, we will provide feedback with details on how your current strengths and weaknesses have been assessed in relation to the roles, and we will seek to be as helpful as we can in suggesting aspects that you might like to work on for future development. 


Candidate pack


Job description