Leadership Development

Our main product in this area is the Emerging Leaders Programme, which we have delivered both with mixed cohorts from different organisations, and in-house.

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Leading from the Middle Report

The Emerging Leaders Programme


Practical advice on your new role, with tips for dealing with challenges


Clear direction on how to lead in an getting advice from a range of senior leaders


A network of fellow new leaders from across the sector to test and share ideas on an on-going basis


An opportunity to work on a specific live project for each participant


An understanding of the policy environment and how to support colleagues through change

Our vision

We believe that talented and ambitious colleagues should be supported to thrive in their roles.

Many new leaders are expert in their technical disciplines and have all the potential to develop into strong, dynamic and ethical leaders in the future but seldom are given the tools to do so, having to learn to ‘step up’ into their new roles alone.

The programme is co-created with participants and includes a variety of face-to-face, virtual, group, action learning set and individual engagements.

About the Programme

During the course the team is augmented with a range of key experts to add diversity and different perspectives, including Vice Chancellors and other senior leaders.

If you are interested in learning more about this programme, please contact us at hello@minervasearch.com and she would be happy to discuss it with you in more detail.