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Staff Engagement and Satisfaction


We have some years’ experience of working on staff engagement and satisfaction surveys, and it is a growing part of our business.    Done well, surveys can provide extremely useful data that can feed into your developing HR strategies.   Our product takes the form of an online questionnaire that is flexible and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.   


In particular our points of distinction are:


  • We are specifically focused on our core client sectors (HE, cultural and third sectors), and our survey includes responses to and engagement with the wide-reaching change processes going on in these sectors;
  • Through a combination of around 40 typical, likert-scale questions and ten qualitative responses, we encourage recommendations and contributions, ensuring our process is constructive and can work well within your own HR strategy;
  • We use a questionnaire that can be adapted appropriately to your overall strategy and values and with language that is culturally relevant – avoiding the jarring terminology that can sometimes pervade off the shelf products;
  • We produce clear reports which are thoughtfully written with key recommendations to inform your response, in particular through “You said, we did” approaches;
  • We turn around the assignment fast;  you won’t be waiting for several months for our report;
  • We provide separately tailored executive summaries for use with the board and with staff groups as appropriate;
  • We offer extremely good value for money.


For more information, please contact one of our consultants Kerry Shepherd or Ben Tucker, or email