Environmental and Social Governance

We have a strong commitment to providing community benefits.


Mosquito Hour – Regis Maia

Supporting the Arts

We are proud to be sponsors of the East London Art Prize in collaboration with Bow Arts. We also partner with the Van Gogh House in Brixton and sponsor an annual residency.

In previous years, we were lead sponsor of a national exhibition of new graduate art at the Mall Galleries (FBA Futures). Our commitment to art is an important part of the life of the firm.

Supporting Diversity

Since 2019, we have developed and co-delivered with the British Council the Aspire programme which supports career development for professionals coming from the global majority. This involves around 800 hours of company time each year. Each cohort includes around 20 participants and, as well as the four sessions of formal interaction, each participants also receive coaching sessions. We have also provided mini-versions of the same programme for NHS trusts and other organisations.

We are building this out now into our Board Prospects scheme. This will be focused on building the pipeline of potential candidates coming from under-represented backgrounds who will spend a year as a member of a board, attending and participating fully but as an apprentice. The scheme will also provide opportunities for continuing professional development.


Our consultants are actively involved in supporting a range of community development organisations, including through giving time to participate in governance and outreach, including Speakers for Schools, where we have delivered career presentations for school children as far afield as Runcorn and Boston (Lincolnshire).

We frequently talk at professional conferences and are committed to supporting career development across all of our sectors.

The Red Room – Clarence Michael