We are committed to improving the numbers of individuals from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds who make it through to senior levels of leadership across all functions and sectors. As part of this commitment, we believe in investing in people earlier in their careers in order to deepen the talent pipeline.

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The Aspire Programme

Aspire is a pro-bono career development programme targeted at high-potential minority ethnic professionals in their early to mid-career who are keen to progress and have their sights set on reaching a senior leadership position. The programme is designed to help maximise opportunities for these individuals to enrich their careers and take on roles that fulfil their potential.

The programme has been co-developed and is co-delivered with Fiona Bartels-Ellis, Global Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the British Council. The programme (a) gives participants career-building tips and advice, such as how to build a personal brand, write a strong CV and engaging cover letter, use social media effectively, and perform well at interview; and (b) also explores minority ethnic identities, social capital, critical race theory, code switching, (un)conscious bias and imposter syndrome, etc.

About The Programme

The programme is delivered in three two-hour sessions over a period of six weeks. In addition, each participant is offered the chance to have a one-on-one session with a member of the Minerva team, allowing time and space for more personalised career support. We brought together all Aspire participants and their sponsors to a networking event with external speakers at the end of the first cohort and aim to reintroduce this now that we can again.

We have run the programme each year since we launched in 2019. Participants have given incredibly positive feedback. Several have now gone on to more senior roles in their own or other organisations, citing Aspire as having plated a critical role in prompting their motivation to progress and giving them the tools, ambition and confidence to succeed.

Highlighting Leaders From Global Majority Backgrounds

Are You Interested In The Aspire Programme?

We’ll be running the next programme soon. If you are interested in participating in Aspire or would like to recommend someone to us, please contact us.