Equality and Diversity Policy

Everyone is different and has something unique to offer. Minerva wants to respect and understand these differences and to make the most of everyone’s talents.

  • Minerva aims to be a fair, unbiased and professional organisation.
  • The priority is to meet our clients’ needs.
  • Minerva is committed to promoting equality and diversity.
  • Minerva is proud of its staff, respects their views and invests in helping them meet their potential.
  • At all times Minerva accounts for their performance.
  • Minerva is one organisation, no matter where staff are based or what job they do

Minerva will not tolerate discrimination because of protected characteristics, which are Age, Race, Sex, Gender Reassignment, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Religion or Belief, Pregnancy or Maternity and Civil Partnership or Marriage.

Minerva will also not discriminate because of working patterns nor will the firm tolerate harassment or bullying on these or any other grounds. A separate Bullying and Harassment Policy is also available for employees to access.

Minerva is fully committed to undertaking action on the duties placed upon it as a partnership organisation under the Equality Act 2010 and other forms of
legislation that combat discrimination and promote equality and diversity.

Minerva will ensure that everyone in the organisation is respected and can give of their best, irrespective of who they are or what job they do.

Minerva will work hard to ensure that its services are accessible to a diverse community.

To read our Equality, Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy in full, visit Minerva Equality Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy