Executive Search

We undertake search in both Executive and Non-Executive areas.  All leadership takes place in the context of change, whether it be adapting organisations to external factors and funding pressures, or fostering cultural change to ensure fitness for the future. How things are done matters as much as what. More than ever, leaders need to be values-led and resilient.


Monolith ‘Escape Classic’ – Inosez Naoya


Our primary commitment is to provide you with the strongest and most diverse possible shortlist in this context, and we have a rigour of resourcing and approach to enable it.

Many of our assignments also include an advertisement and we are well used to handling this side of recruitment.

Monolith C13 – Inose Naoya


We take pride in our agility. We flex what we do and our approach to meet your needs, often adapting our resourcing and process to ensure the best outcome.

We do not oversell candidates but present a rounded view of them, recognising that the most complete picture will help you make the best decision.

In the current environment, our dedication to candidate care stands us out from competitors. Candidates are often initially hesitant about potential changes and our efforts to support them through the process are invaluable in delivering successful outcomes.

Our Process


At the heart of our approach is a dedication to quality and to the human aspects of the process